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a message from king doublebass.... to me [Jun. 26th, 2007|11:04 pm]
[Current Location |my room]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |pennywise- now i know.]

Dar Scott,

I know that it has been quite a while that you have been holding onto this bass and waiting for your replacement. I completely understand that you are more than anxious to receive your replacement, however our supplier has had some difficulty delivering and we are waiting for more raw Slap Kings to come in.

My goal is to make you satisfied and I realize that I am not doing a very good job of that right now. I promise that I will not only deliver you a new Slap King ,but I will do something above and beyond that to make the wait and your troubles worth while.

I ask you to please bare with us a while longer and not only will I make this situation correct, but I will make it better than you expected.

Sorry I do not have good news at this time, but I will make it right for you.

Thank you for understanding.

~ now i have all the understanding in the world and  seemingly the patience of a fucking saint in this situation.  i got the bass in november, and the bass started cracking in january, not just cracking a little, cracking in 4 places, and i emailed king about it in  febuary,  i got told another month, another month,  i waited patiently and  sent an email every month to hear if there was any good news .yadda yadda yadda,  it is now almost july and this is the response i received  today.

          i understand  business  supplies can be late or delayed, but not six fucking months. in that much time,  has anyone else gotten a bass, or did they just stop making basses for people. i mean im not business owner, but wouldnt that grind your business to a halt?

         now, i sit here, with a bass that is determined to break apart, while i wait for a replacement.  i appreciate them saying they will replace it and not giving me a  big "fuck you, your stuck with this  low quality  instrument". but   with no definite time table in  when i will receive said replacement, i cant help but be completely discouraged about this whole shitty situation.

        king has said they will rock my world with  a bunch of extra stuff  they will throw in, for making me wait more than a half a year for this replacement, but  what should i do?  should i plan on having this amazing bass a year from now, or more?  all the extras and compensation in the world doesnt change the fact that i have a bass that is  growing increasingly harder to keep from destroying itself. glue, glue, glue , clamp, clamp, clamp. i spent more time  repairing this  bass then actually playing and enjoying it. and that is wrong.

am i wrong for feeling this way?  i needed to vent, im sure the  most patient people would lose composure after 6+ months waiting for something that you were told would take about a month.  anyone who knows me, knows that i  hold  certain business standards extremely high, im one of those people who calls up and bitches when my phone doesnt work or my cable is out. i pay for a service, i expect to  have that service all the time.  that is the power of being a consumer, and a patron of the service that is being provided.

 i just  want my bass, a bass that was promised to me, a bass that  can handle alot, take abuse of shows, not one that is played inside and left the house once before it started cracking, and spent most its time on the  stand or in my hands.

the end

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pretty fucking fitting if i could say anything right now. [Jun. 6th, 2007|09:49 pm]

Did we ever have an understanding?
Did we ever have anything at all?
Not that I recall
You were never really there for us but then
We were never really there for you
Its true, the rest is up to you
You say its wrong, its right
You say we wont, we might
We thought about it twice tonight
And if we don't seem to Broken hearted
That's because we're glad we've parted
I think we've had enough for two

Well I believe in second chances
I believe the world is gonna end
But I would do anything to set the record straight

If you would believe

Will someone think about the heartbreak?
Will someone realize there has been a mistake?
and give back all you take
No one really cares enough to listen
No one really cares enough to rationalize
They just believe the lies

in the end  betrayel ends us all.

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ride danny ride.... update. [May. 13th, 2007|11:37 pm]
[music |ride danny ride- nekromantix]

 its been soo long since i typed anything in here, and i debate deleting this whole thing since recording my thoughts has somewhat lost its luster as i approach 25. i spend far too much time doing other things that occupy my time. 

 breakdown of the last few weeks..

 lets seee......

nekromantix!!!! on thursday. very much amazing, life changing, a spark in my life , a fire lit under my ass to get my band ready to play shows. its pretty much the best thing in my life and i miss playing, soo much

is this serious? will i survive or will i die?

upright bass is still cracking like  thats its profession.  new one on the way, says king, i have been waiting two months already.

i hate people call me a freak.

drive by an unknown force, feeling no remorse, 
 who killed the cheerleader, you did you did. 


 all 3 were super nice and i had alot of fun,    me , jamie,  and his friends wrecked, it was fun, got  bruises all over, well worth it.

  can i say that  providence rhodeisland road systems suck. and  forced  an extra 2 hour drive  to find the hotel. fuck you for shutting down  95
 then on the way home missed 146 drove into wretham  and   proceeded to have the longest trip home due to a rediculous amount of traffic.

 so yea. ive had a good few days. back to work i went and  i promised myself to enjoy life , just a bit more. from now on.

funeralis is up and running , expect shows in  june if all goes well.

im out.
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atom dont fail me now [Feb. 6th, 2007|12:59 pm]
vel in latin vos could narro meus vita est incogito quod mondain quod ego postulo a change im defessus of vita via is est commodo permissum mihi evanui
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couldnt say it better myself. [Feb. 6th, 2007|12:08 pm]
jeg kan ikke lide mig fucking liv og jeg ville gerne netop forsvinde
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im over it this whole thing [Feb. 6th, 2007|11:25 am]
[music |nekromantix - rot in hell]

to say  ive  been more than patient with this situation is an understatement.  ive had enough. its everyday, more  amazing  lies about stuff ive supposedly done. when thats sooooo far from the truth its just rediculous.  its every day, everyday! it never fucking ends. i still am amused by the shear fact that someone is sitting at home  on friday and saturday nights trying to ruin my life and not live their own.i got my own shit to do , and you ruining my relationship isnt helping.  guess what you seceeded  in ruining  that already. 

do me a big favor, get over yourself, and live your own life and  quit meddling in mine. its  sad you have no life of your own to live, so you have to destroy mine.

i just want to be left alone.
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can i ramble for a momentTexas is the reason that the president's dead this isnt going to make sense [Dec. 3rd, 2006|11:44 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |Tiger Army - Trance]

here goes everything.

what do i have to do? hello to you too.
im in the bar when i should be in front of you
i play the pinball when i should be skanking
ultimatims work  to your advantage disadvantage
of pissing me off and wanting to end everything
this may seem out of place, but a suttle glance brings  a smile to my face.
and i thought it was so bizzare, how the sun hgit your eyes, thinking of you is like waking up to a sunrise.
see, all i want to do is love you and exist on a somewhay peaceful level.  things i dont tell you. like how my doctor told me to slow down, to relax or im at risk of having a heart attack? my blood pressure is through the roof. all i want is the times like when i held your hand in the car.
my medication  prones violent outbursts. especially when im stressedf from work and you call and ruin my whole day.
i want nothing more for us to work. but that requires some maturity on  your end.
i just want to not lose my self in all this
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holy christ. witness protection, beam me along. change my name to thomas, from far away [Oct. 8th, 2006|12:52 am]
[mood |completely drained]
[music |Atom and His Package - Lying to You]

when will i sleep again?  going on  roughly 42 hours without more than an hour or so.
worked all day  to come home to  sit  with my father and talk,  next to the firepit. talk talk talk.      phone call. the  same, the same the same the same , per usual.  symbolic, not  original
hung out with the nazi,  drive around,  go home,  argue argue  argue argue argue  argue argue argue  argue argue argue  argue argue argue  argue
fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fightfight fight fightfight fight fight. those russian suicide capsules are looking better  by the moment.
  i laughed for the first time in  a week today
abiet brief and fleeting, i felt  a moment of levity...  against the  zerging of all the neverending  rolling down hill bullshit, about to overtake me.
how long can i stave the flood?  how long can i endure?  even the dutch boy with his finger in the dam got a break once in awhile..

breaks  dont work. the only break that helps is a short drop and a sudden stop.

man that dutch boy was lucky... atleast a little  atom makes me smile.  if only for a second.
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granby can suck my ass [Oct. 4th, 2006|07:17 pm]
hey granby kids,
why dont you  get a real life and stop trying to fuck with mine over shit that didnt happen. get over yourselfs and continue with what you are good at, getting drunk and killing yourselves. richie rich kids ,  you dont know dick.
there are only 2 people in granby i give a shit about, i could careless about what you "heard"  it isnt true. cant someone have a friend without being  accused of stuff?  grow up and get your own life. leave mine alone.

for fucking sake!
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2006|01:13 pm]
$20 to see the blasters... worth every penny

and i love old people,  they dont care about  looking cool, they just get hammered, and dance with no rythmn at all. but you gotta love it because its free entertainment.
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